Our Vision

To show the love of Christ through health and social services to communities that are in need.


Medical Clinic


We have plans in the works with more information to come soon. 



01/19 - 01/23

MORE INFORMATION TO COME SOON!  To make Christ known and provide health care, health education and self-help programs to the communities in South Haiti.

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Our Orgin

01/19 - 01/23

With a population, of well over 7 million, nearly 70% percent of Haitians are in need of basic health care and there are not enough facilities around the country to meet this need. Although there are many medical clinics in Haiti, most are located in Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien to the north and Jeremie, two hours away by foot. There is a great need for health education in disease prevention, prenatal care, child nourishment, dental care and basic hygiene

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